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Top Chef: The Ts Cock Challenge

Kurt works tirelessly to be the top of his cooking class. It’s a no holds bar fight to the top in the competitive culinary world and the best academy can determine not only your career path, but your fame and riches

Attack of the Ts Clones: Cop taken to a Sci-fi lab and fucked by Ts COCK

In this tribute to Science Fiction, Jessica Host traps a cop in her laboratory and channels the strength of 5 of her clones to ruthless fuck him. She takes her time fucking his face and ass, working his hole until he can no longer take her huge cock.

Jessica Host On Vacation: The Room is Paid For And So is His Ass

This is the hottest Jessica Host shoot to date. Newcomer, Royce, has only fantasized about getting fucked and sucking Ts cock.

Ts/Ts/Guy: One Long Night of Threesome Fucking

Foxxy and her boyfriend convince Jessica Host to join them for a night of all kinds of fucking. Parker hits the jack pot of cock in this update as the two women work him over with their hard dicks.

A Present for Jessica: Tied up Man Meat

Jessica Host and Natassia Dreams are long time friends. Natassia surprises her BBF with a sexy present – a hot guy tied to her bed – like a mint on her pillow or a night cap for her to devour.